My cousin, Julie, has a story she loves to tell about me. At about four years old, I decided I could swim. This was something I just knew with every inch of my being. So, one fine day while the family gathered around my grandmother’s pool, I ran with all the vigor and assuredness my little four-year-old body could muster and jumped right in! And promptly sank straight to the bottom. If you think this story ends with me learning to be shy, measured and careful, we have obviously never met. I actually tried it again at home not too many days later, and with no one looking. That was the day I learned to swim. I also learned that someone might pull me out or I might just pull myself out, but if I really wanted to do something, I better just jump right in.

And that is how I have lived my life ever since. Sometimes I sink, sometimes I crack my skull on the bottom, and sometimes I swim. Doesn’t matter. I love jumping, head first and without looking. Want to find out what happens when I do? Then come along with me and follow this blog!