My favorite jammies include an oversized shirt, usually one of those XL ones they give out at football or baseball games, and a pair of patterned pajama pants. I have such choice options as white with neon snowflakes, blue with white moose, and pink with red, dancing Santas. With my powerful home organization skills and my system of picking whichever pants and shirt my hand seizes in the dark, I never match. Isn’t my husband one lucky man? Aww yeah!

Not only are these dashing ensembles my regular night wear, they also end up being my Tiki Tribe phone meeting wear. These meetings take place in the evening when everybody is off work and our various children are put to bed. Thus far, that has worked well for me. However, the Tribe is about to introduce something new into my world – the video conference call. Yikes! I’m not one to wear my pajama pants to Walmart, and I am certainly not wearing them for a business Skype-a-long. So, now I have to worry about what I will wear, the doneness of my hair and makeup, and the condition of whatever room will be seen behind me. This is going to be very different.

But, I’m excited about this! We are meeting with a team of educational experts; people like the professor who teaches other teachers how to teach, a PhD of education, and a twenty-five year veteran of special education. Teachers have been responding very well to our books and have been asking for teaching guides and lesson plans so that they can use them in their schools. These experts not only agree that our books are worthy of being in the schools, but that the books are worthy of their time and expertise. That’s huge! Especially for me.

You see, the Neon Tiki Tribe team is a group of very well educated individuals. Our illustrators have degrees in graphic design and their skills are very evident in their brilliant illustrations. My writing partner, Joe, has a degree in creative writing; his story lines are amazing and his command of the action sequence shows. Me? I’m almost finished with a master’s in English education. I have achieved a 3.91 GPA and am pretty confident in the skills I’ve learned, but that means nothing until those skills are put into practice. This is like the ultimate peer review; teachers want to use my work in their classrooms and educational experts think this is a good idea. Wow! Just wow!