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Borax Bathroom CleanerA couple of years ago, I decided to limit the number of chemicals in my house. It was about the time my Dad got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and my youngest son was starting to walk around the house and get into things. Everything. So, I got rid of all the the cleaners under my sink that bore warning labels such as: TOXIC! and CORROSIVE! I started using Method and Seventh Generation products. They’re great and I still use some of them, but they are also expensive and quite frankly, I’d rather buy shoes. My great grandma always said that the only thing you truly needed to be clean was a bucket of hot water, but I don’t want to work that hard either. So, somewhere in between sounded like a good place to be! That place turned out to be making some of my own cleaners.

I like this one. It’s a great bathroom cleaner that leaves the throne room smelling like a peppermint stick, which is a lot better than how my boys leave it smelling. It doesn’t melt dirt away with no scrubbing like all of those chemical cleaners claim they do in commercials. I really don’t want something that does that. Seriously, what is in that stuff?! I use a sponge that has a spongy side and a scrubby side, then wipe with a dry towel for a streak free finish. My favorite way to attack the job is to go in the order of increasing nastiness – sink, tub, then toilet. (And around the toilet. I’m thinking of floating Cherrios targets in the pot or perhaps painting a bullseye in the bottom with the words “Aim Here!”) If the boys have left the porcelain pot in a particularly interesting state, an extra shake of Borax in the toilet does the trick. Same with the tub.