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My newest Neon Tiki Tribe book, The Rise of Kunatos, is due out in a couple of weeks. The story is a fun one that I co-wrote with Joe Lorenzano where we introduce our biggest bad guy, Kunatos. The theme for this book is “never give up.” I think that’s a great lesson for all ages. While I was writing the story, a friend of mine told me that she has decided to go back for her doctorate degree. It’s going to be a long journey since she is a working adult and has to get through a master’s degree before moving onto the doctorate program. She also chose a major that is very difficult to get into, and she will have to do some work beforehand to even start. I was so inspired by her tenacity and how much she embodied the spirit of The Rise of Kunatos that I wrote this poem.

Dr. Knickerbocker

Here comes Dr. Knickerbocker
Walking down the street
Smiling wide and saying hi
To everyone she meets

Dr. Knickerbocker smiles a smile
That starts from deep inside
It comes from joy, it comes from peace
It comes from miles of pride

She used to be just Knickerbocker
No “Doctor” to her name
And then she made a giant choice
That left her never the same

When people said, “No, you can’t.
You might as well just quit.”
She said, “No way! You can’t stop me.
Not for a moment. Not one bit!”

She pushed on through, she kept it up
She used her best talent
Which comes from pride deep inside
And says never, ever quit!