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Want to see something beautiful?

potato flowerIsn’t that gorgeous? That’s a potato flower and my trash can potatoes are covered in them. The plants have grown so much that the dirt reached the top of the can a couple of weeks ago. I have been waiting to see how long it will take from the time it reaches the top to the time the plants die and I get to harvest the taters. I stopped adding dirt on June 20th, so that makes today the 18th day of growth. The plants are are still going strong and my trash can looks like the world’s largest and most awkward potted plant. I love the reaction when people come over. It’s always the same question with the same odd look and slightly disturbed tone: “What do you have growing in your trash can?”  Look at this! I’d ask too.

potted plantI got to harvest my first three Roma tomatoes this weekend. They are tiny, and I made a mistake, so they don’t look very appetizing.

cracked tomotaoesThat lovely little split is on all three of them. The other two wouldn’t allow me to take a picture of their cracks. They were so ashamed! I’m so sorry, little tomatoes, it’s me not you. Really, it is! We went through a couple of weeks of no rain up here in Tenn-tucky and I watered often. I did not, however, water deeply enough. Then, we went through a week of Heaven unleashed! The rain was incredible. My little maters do what maters do and sucked up all that water and grew quickly. But, because I had not watered deeply enough during the dry weeks, the insides grew faster than the outsides and they split. If I start watering more deeply during the dry spells, this should keep the growth even and all of the other green tomatoes should be fine. You can eat a split tomato, but they aren’t pretty and they won’t last more than a day or so.

Lesson learned.