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To Whomever Stole My Work,

I don’t know who you are, but you came onto my site one day and read my blog post Rules For Dating My Son. Well, who knows, you could be someone I know. I’ve been writing my blog for less than a year now and I have a small readership. I appreciate every single one of my readers, except you. You enjoyed my work, maybe got a laugh out of it, and then promptly stole it. You reposted it to an internet meme without giving me any credit whatsoever. Your stolen version has been shared millions of times, and now it is being sold on t-shirts. The people selling my original work, without permission, feel free to do so because they got it from an unaccredited meme. That’s your fault. You did that. You stole my work and now others are making money off of it. You could have easily given me credit for my words. My words, those things a writer lives and dies by.  Get off my blog and never come back! Get off of everyone’s blog because you’re likely to steal their work as well. You are low-down dirtbag scum and you completely suck.


April Sopczak AKA That Person You Stole From


To Everyone Else,

Please share this so that, hopefully, the schmuck sees it.

Thank you,