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I have never liked the idea of wishing single moms a Happy Father’s Day. Now, before anyone throws out the that’s because you don’t know what it’s like card, let me just say that I was a single mom for a while. I didn’t receive child support or every other weekend off. I was it  – the only parent. So, believe me, I totally get it. But, I didn’t do everything I did because I was both mom and dad. Dad was MIA and that caused a whole special set of circumstances that was mine alone to face, and that is exactly why I won’t wish a single mom “Happy Father’s Day.” She isn’t two people; she is one very tired, worried, overworked, overstressed, and overwhelmed individual who just keeps going because she is mom. She deserves to be honored for who she is and that is one heck of a mother.

So, this Mother’s Day, I wrote this poem to honor my dear friend, Melissa, who is a single mom to three beautiful, young children, and I’d like to dedicate it to all hardworking single moms. I will never condescend to you and pretend like you are capable of being two people in one. I know tired is no longer a feeling, but a way of life for you. I see you push through and keep going when not even you think it’s possible. You amaze me. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day