What’s this all about?


My poor mother used to find bits of things all worked together in the fridge, on the table, in my room, under the carport and anywhere else I had been. She’d look at my odd creations and ask what they were. I always had the same answer… It’s my experiment, Ma! I loved to try new things and get in over my head. Still do. So, here it is, my blog where I piece together all the bits of things I’m experimenting with now!

All original work contained on this blog is the intellectual property of the author, April Sopczak. Please share, and share freely, so long as the author is credited. No original work on this page may be shared for financial gain, except by the author or by expressed written consent of the author. Thank you.

1 thought on “What’s this all about?”

  1. Awesome, April!

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