The links below will take you to all of the poems that I have written and posted on my blog.

I Don’t Need You                                         Accept

Tomorrow                                                   Your Soap Spot is Empty

Dance in the Sun                                         Measuring Life

Escape                                                       Effort

Redefined Beauty                                        House Alive

Words                                                        Without Today

Fog                                                            Middle Child Syndrome

Getting Out                                                a dedication

The Bravest Little Soldier in the Army           My Bird Hates Me

My Voice

The Worthy Expense of Charm School

Adoption Day

Dr. Knickerbocker



2 thoughts on “Poetry”

  1. Hi April, kudos to you for an excellent article on the random internet whiner and handicapped parking. I too, am a fellow EDSer and appreciate when others stand up for our invisible condition. I would like to read the article the internet whiner wrote. Could you send me a link to it, please? Thanks!

    • Hi, Debra! Thank you for the compliment 🙂

      The comments were in a newspaper comment thread, so posting a link wouldn’t be very useful. There were many, many comments and it would be quite buried by now.

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